The Bluebank awarded a special recognition

The Bluebank was awarded a special recognition for Innovation in Public Service and Administration. Prizes and recognitions were awarded at the Conference on Innovation in Public Service and Administration 2018 – “Better Public Service with Effective Co-operation and Use of Digital Solutions” held Friday, 9 June 2018 at the Grand Hotel in Reykjavik.

Out of 33 nominations, the Bluebank was one of 4 projects that received a special recognition, but the main prize was awarded to a project in Akureyri municipality. The Bluebank is a collaborative project of public and private parties, while Ísafjörður municipality received the recognition with the Bluebank for it’s contribution to the project.

The Nomination Committee’s comments indicate that “The Bluebank is a very motivating project in innovation and community services, where residents took the initiative to develop and organize the operation in cooperation with the service providers. The project confronts the challenge that many smaller communities in dispersed communities face in terms of decreasing local services, with providing new solutions to services while at the same time it is designed to attract new people to the society. The project is an experimental project in development of services and innovation community that can be applied to other communities.”

Arnhildur Lilý Karlsdóttir, one of the two employees of the Bluebank, and Bragi Arnarsson, 4 years old, received the approval on behalf of the Bluebank.

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