Co-working space

The Blue Bank offers a co-working office space on its second floor. Three separate spaces with natural lighting and open feel can be used for desks or meetings, rented for short or long term.

In certain cases, the Blue Bank gives a discount from its price list, i.e. for students or projects directly aligned with the Blue Bank’s goals.

All prices are inclusive of VAT. The Blue Bank reserves the right to change its pricing at any time.

Short term rental

A desk for one day is ISK 3.720 or ISK 14.880 per week. Meeting facilities for up to 8 persona is ISK 12.400 per day.

Longer term rent

For those who want to use the Blue Bank for longer term or several times per year can become members of the Blue Bank innovation hub. Included in membership is:

  • Desk space
  • Facilities for smaller meetings
  • Coffee facilities, and during public openings, coffee as well
  • A fiber optic internet connection (for normal office use)

Membership fee

Period Price / month
1 month ISK 37 200