After Documentary film workshop

Documentary film making workshop was held at the Blue Bank recently. Film maker Trude Ottersen from Koko Film and film consultant Ingrid Dokka from the North Norwegian Film Centre came from Tromso in north Norway to teach and guide. 16 participants attended, some with film projects to work on while others attended as observers. The ones with film projects got some valuable advise, comments and input into their work, enabling them to continue on their journey towards a fully produced documentary film. The observers got a chance to brainstorm on their own ideas and get comments on a future project.

The enjoyment level was high and hopefully this was just the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation between the Blue Bank and Icelandic and north Norwegian film makers.

Creative workshops in 2019

We believe that the Blue Bank in Þingeyri is the ideal place to come and get stuff done, learn and be inspired. That’s why we have organised 3 different reasons for you to come and spend some time with us in the Westfjords of Iceland in 2019.

1. Documentary Film Workshop, January 30th – February 3rd

Do you have a documentary film project that has been waiting too long unedited on a hard drive? Then here is something for you.

In collaboration with Klapp kvikmyndagerð, the Blue Bank invites you to participate in a four day documentary film workshop guided by Norwegian film makers Trude Ottersen (Sealers / Ishavsblod) and Lisa Marie Kristensen. Through presentations of some of their work you’ll get inspiration for your own project and through brief seminars you’ll gain insight into the art of storytelling, dramaturgy and documentary film production. Last but not least there will be plenty of time to sit down and discuss your own project and edit under the guidance of experienced documentary film makers.

Check out site for more details:

Creative Writing workshop at the Blue Bank, Thingeyri.

2. Creative Writing Workshop, February 28th – March 3rd

In collaboration with Hversdagssafn – museum of everyday life, we will host a four day Creative Writing workshop with award winning writer Jenny Valentine and sailing poet Emma Beynon

During the workshop you will be introduced to a range of writing activities to develop your skills. The key elements of description, sense of place, narrative and finding your voice will all be covered. We will write, read, talk, imagine and explore together, using activities designed to help you tap into your own experience and environment, working across a wide range of genres.

Check our site for more details:

3. Startup Accelerator,

Our last year’s accelerator was a big success, so we’ll do a 2nd round in 2019.  The accelerator has been rescheduled to September 2019.

Spend 10 days with a group of like-minded people and focus on your idea or project in the Westfjords, one of Iceland’s most beautiful and remote locations. You’ll get the opportunity to meet other innovators and creators as well as mentors, and a chance to share your skills and knowledge with them.

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Please e-mail us to enquire or sign up.