Landsbanki’s cash services

The Blue Bank is responsible for Landsbanki’s cashier service at Þingeyri, The service is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1 pm – 2 pm.


Ísafjörður Municipality’s service

The Blue Bank is a link between the people living in Þingeyri and Ísafjörður Municipality. Kristján Þ. Ástvaldsson, employee of Ísafjörður, receives requests and provides assistance on various services that Ísafjörður provides, Arnhildur Lilý Karlsdóttir, employee of the Blue Bank, provides support and assistance for the electronic applications system of Isafjordur. The employees of the Blue Bank also receive special requests and direct them to the appropriate departments within the Municipality.


Verk Vest, worker’s union of the Westfjords

The Blue Bank answers questions regarding the services of the Workers’ Union of Westfjords, Verk Vest, and directs special requests to the appropriate person for resolution.


Ísafjörður Library

In the premises of the Blue Bank is a small fraction of the library of Þingeyri. A computer in the open space of the Blue Bank provides an open link to the library in Ísafjörður through where books can be ordered with assistance from the employees of the Blue Bank.


Midday Meditation

On Mondays and Wednesdays the Blue Bank offers a free 15-minute meditation and a quiet time for guests and by passers at 1.15 p – 1.30 pm.



The Blue Bank offers two different areas. On the ground floor is the creative communal area which is open to everyone. There people can meet up for coffe and chat, read, work or create. On the upper floor of the house, the Blue Bank offers collaborative space, where you can rent a desk and office facilities in a bright and beautiful space.

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