Startup Accelerator

Spend 10 days with a group of like-minded people and focus on your idea or project in the Westfjords, one of Iceland’s most beautiful and remote locations. You’ll get the opportunity to meet other innovators and creators as well as mentors, and a chance to share your skills and knowledge with them.

Dates are 1st – 10th of May 2019, but participants are welcome to stay longer on their own terms and work on their projects.

Who is it for?

It is for startups, innovators, artists or creatives who have an idea or project they want to work on. Teams or individuals can apply. This is not your average business accelerator. It’s a chance to disconnect from the noise of your home, enjoy nature, remoteness and connect with an alternative community. It’s an opportunity to give your project a total focus for a short period of time without the usual distractions.

What do you get?

Selected applicants are provided accommodation in a private room in a shared apartment during their stay, workspace and facilities at the Blue Bank with a fibre optic internet connection and a support from mentors and workshops. Travel and other expenses are covered by the participants. We are located in Þingeyri, a small and remote village with great access to nature and other activities. The exact program will be adapted as much as possible to the needs of the participants.

Who are we looking for?

The Westfjords is not your typical startup scene. We are looking for people with a passion for their work who are open minded and not afraid to go against the mainstream. We are creating a certain lifestyle of being disconnected, productive and creative.


You can apply now and until March 1st 2019. Please e-mail us your application and tell us who you are, what project you want to work on and what you expect out of the accelerator. We will get in touch with all of the applicants and to some we will ask for an interview via Skype.

The Blue Bank

The Blue Bank is located in Þingeyri, a small village in the Westfjords of Iceland. It’s an innovation hub and creative space that aims to bring together the local community and creatives and entrepreneurs from the outside. As well as being the main community and service centre for the locals of Þingeyri, the Blue Bank organises courses and seminars, hosts artists and entrepreneurs and takes part in various international cooperations.

The host

Arnar Sigurðsson is the manager of the Blue Bank. Co-founder of Karolina Fund, he has years of experience in the world of entrepreneurship. The accelerator is held in co-operation with the Westfjords Residency and is supported by Uppbyggingasjóður Vestfjarða.