Creative writing workshop

In collaboration with Hversdagssafn – Museum of Everyday Life.

Overcome the emptiness of the blank page in the immense, uncluttered landscape of Þingeyri. Led by award winning Young Adult novelist Jenny Valentine and sailor poet Emma Beynon, this workshop is designed to stimulate and give space for your writing, whatever your level. Writing together in a supportive atmosphere, you will be introduced to a range of techniques for starting to write and maintaining momentum. You will explore character, setting, structure and plot, through fiction, memoir and poetry.

Þingeyri is a small village situated on a spit of land in one of Iceland’s most scenic fjords, Dýrafjörður.  In the middle of Winter, you can watch the Northern lights from on top of the Sandafell, and the days are filled with snow storms, silence, solitude, ravens, and the billowing sea.

Its culture and industry have been shaped by the sea for centuries. Early mornings, small fishing boats leave the shore, coming back loaded in the late afternoons. The bank, library and municipality services are housed at the community centre Blue Bank. Þingeyri has the oldest still functioning mechanic workshop in Iceland. And there is of course the swimming pool and hot tubs, a social meeting point for the village, where locals drink coffee, discuss politics or the latest town gossip, plan the next town event, and tell stories.

During the 4 day Creative Writing workshop you will be introduced to a range of writing activities to develop your skills. The key elements of description, sense of place, narrative and finding your voice will all be covered. We will write, read, talk, imagine and explore together, using activities designed to help you tap into your own experience and environment, working across a wide range of genres. You will leave Þingeyri with a toolkit of skills and some fine writing in your notebook.

Dates: 28th of February – 3rd of March 2019


Price for the workshop only and the farewell dinner in Ísafjörður in Heimabyggð café is 29.000 ISK.  

Price including accommodation for 4 nights in shared housing, 3 lunches and 4 dinners is 59.000 ISK.


Maximum number of participants is 10.

Find here a PDF with a detailed program.


Jenny Valentine is an award winning writer for Young Adults.  Her first novel ‘Finding Violet Park’ was published in 2007 since then she has written 5 novels for Young adults and 5 for children. Her novels have been published in 19 countries.  She led a creative writing course at Moniack Mhor, Scotland’s Creative Writing Centre as well as workshops for the Hay Festival and local community. In 2017 she was the Hay Festival International Fellow, spending the year meeting and learning from teenagers all over the world.  She works to empower and give a voice to young people. She lives in Wales and London and has two daughters. You can read more about her travels with Hay here.

Emma Beynon sails in the arctic in an ancient Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter and writes about it. Described as ‘a writer of startling freshness and enthusiasm’ (Marine Quarterly) . She is currently writing a publication out of her adventures to Greenland. Emma has a wealth of experience running creative writing workshops and has an infectious approach to building a story. Her educational writing includes Making Poetry Happen (Bloomsbury, 2015). She lives in Wales and manages Caban Sgriblio.

The Blue Bank and Þingeyri

The Blue Bank is located in Þingeyri, a small village in the Westfjords of Iceland. It’s an innovation hub and creative space that aims to bring together the local community and creatives and entrepreneurs from the outside. As well as being the main community and service centre for the locals of Þingeyri, the Blue Bank organises courses and seminars, hosts artists and entrepreneurs and takes part in various international cooperations.


For more information and registration please contact us.


* The project is supported by Ísafjarðarbær municipality and Uppbyggingarsjóður Vestfjarða.