The Bluebank awarded a special recognition

The Bluebank was awarded a special recognition for Innovation in Public Service and Administration. Prizes and recognitions were awarded at the Conference on Innovation in Public Service and Administration 2018 – “Better Public Service with Effective Co-operation and Use of Digital Solutions” held Friday, 9 June 2018 at the Grand Hotel in Reykjavik.

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Enneagram Workshop 13-16 November

SANDRA DE CLERCQ trainer and a master in Organizational Psychology conducts a workshop on Enneagram, a neutral psychological model for personal growth, 13 – 16 November in the Bluebank.  During this workshop you will discover the nine defense mechanisms that people automatically adapt since birth. You will gain consciousness about your own basic fears and desires and will understand why you keep doing the same thing, even when you realise this is not always the best answer given the situation. You will understand that we all have a subjective view on reality and that it is impossible for us to know the truth. Once we see this, we take a lot of annoying behavior of other persons no longer personal. We start realizing it is not about us… that we are all just suffering and defending ourselves in our own way and that there is a way out once we become conscious. Continue reading “Enneagram Workshop 13-16 November”